Never have export controls and sanctions been so complex. This complexity can impede commerce. Companies need solutions.
TradeSecure delivers tailored solutions to global challenges. Local customs and culture are the language of TradeSecure.
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Export Controls & Sanctions

  • ICP Design, Implementation and Training
  • Standard Operating Procedures for Global Best Practices
  • ICP External Audits
  • ICP Internal Assessments
  • by TradeSecure
  • Product Classification and Licensing
  • Dual-Use Product Acquisition
  • Outreach to Governments

TradeSecure streamlines export control compliance, simplifying the process and mitigating risks.

  • Comprehensive Regulatory Data
  • 34 Fields
  • 75 Countries
  • Global access, real time, any device
  • Sanctions, export controls and other compliance regulations

Accelerator is invaluable to understanding trade compliance. Stay updated and informed about dual-use technology, sanctions, defense controls, and customs from any device, any time.

Corrective Compliance & Remediation

  • Outreach to governments
  • Violation Resolution Strategy and Remediation Plans
  • Corporate Compliance Monitoring
  • Corporate Compliance Culture Assessments
  • Settlement Agreements

Mistakes happen. TradeSecure has the solutions. Unique experience and global understanding. Efficient resolution of problems and violation remediation.

Global Trade

  • Foreign Export Control Systems
  • Free Trade Zones
  • AEO Programs

With a comprehensive understanding of the most complex regulations, TradeSecure simplifies and accelerates global trade.

Customized Training

  • Trade Controls Training
  • Compliance Culture Training
  • Anti-Money Laundering Training

Knowledge and understanding mitigate risks. TradeSecure training clarifies the complexities of regulation so your team can increase global best practices and improve operational compliance.

Foreign Investment

  • Due Diligence to identify Successor Liability
  • FCPA & Anti-Bribery Training
  • CFIUS Review
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

Compliance issues create complex risks. TradeSecure isolates them. With a proprietary due diligence tool TradeSecure quantifies risks for legacy violations.